Remote Working and the Changing Network Boundary


Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, working remotely is now a new normal for most businesses across the world. While keeping the workforce safe from the pandemic, this rapid shift to remote work culture is also blurring the boundary between our professional and personal lives. Many employees are now struggling to provide childcare during work hours, while some are using their personal devices to fulfill their work duties. This shift is changing the role of IT security and employers are now bending over backward to ensure a secure work environment for their growing remote workforce. But how exactly how is this changing network boundary posing new security risks? Let us find out.   The Changing Network Boundary and BYOD Pose New Security Concerns  Cybersecurity risks are looming everywhere and securing remote workplaces require extra stringent policies in place. Here are some common issues faced by employers due to this sudden transition to a remote workforce: Uninterrupted Connectivity: Businesses must ensure their remote workers are constantly connected to the corporate network. This means the VPN is always accessible, and there are no hardware or software-related issues. Most organizations are now forced to move away from a traditional data center environment and [...]